About Us


Stephen R. Lett
Founder and Chairman
Bethany Beach, DE

Stephen R. Lett founded Lett Direct, Inc., in 1995 after being a catalog mailer for his entire career.  As marketing evolved beyond print, so did we.  We are a consulting firm specializing in print catalog and internet marketing services.  Specifically, our focus is on:

Our mission is to help grow catalog and eCommerce companies profitably.

At Lett Direct, we employ more than 15 highly experienced professionals who came to us after many years of experience in their respective disciplines.  Every member of our catalog team has worked for a print catalog retailer.  Our digital marketing team has worked for a mix of eCommerce companies and web marketing agencies.  Lett Direct is a Google Certified Partner and all of our PPC managers hold individual Google Certifications.  In addition, Greg Lett, who oversees our digital department, has received an individual qualification in Google Analytics.

Meet our Catalog Team

Show Team

A love of catalogs and print marketing brought us together, our experience sets us apart! Our expertise covers a wide range of catalogers from companies looking to launch their first book, to long established brands.

Sandy Wolstencroft

Vice President
Croton on Hudson, NY

Sara McKeon-Almeida

Senior Marketing Consultant
Brookfield, CT

Theresa Schwarz

Senior Marketing Consultant
Middle Island, NY

Jennifer Mullen

Marketing Coordinator
Altamont, NY

Bonnie Parkos

Marketing Coordinator
Minneapolis, MN

Mike Huddleston

Circulation Analyst
Cibolo, Texas

Meet our Digital Team

Show Team

Heraclitus wasn’t referring to Digital Marketing when he said, “The only thing that is constant is change.” But it sure is applicable! Our digital team stays up to date on all of the latest strategies and happenings in the digital marketing realm, so your campaigns are effective and efficient.

Greg Lett

Traverse City, MI

Lili Zecevic

SEO & Social Media Specialist
Charleston, West Virginia

Kate Lett

VP of Business Development
Traverse City, MI

Adam Nelson

Paid Search Manager
Negaunee, MI