Paper Test Results

by Stephen Lett



In spring 2015, we conducted an A/B split paper test using SCB vs. SCA paper. The goal was to determine if our client could move from SCA to SCB for the savings without affecting the sales. The SCB has a lower brightness and gloss than the SCA. Typically, it is approximately $3 to $4 cwt less expensive. There can be big differences in the quality of SCB stocks. Our test was done on 30 lb., SCA vs. 30 lb., SCB (30 lb., SCA was our control). Here are the overall results for a B-to-B company – these are post match actual:

  Circulation Orders Demand AOV RR RPC
SCA paper 56,646 1,852 $435,451 $235.12 3.27% $7.69
SCB paper 56,628 2,109 $434,106 $205.84 3.72% $7.67

We did an A/B split on the entire mailing including the house file and prospects.  Overall, response rate was higher on the SCB paper, but AOV lower.  The Revenue Per Catalog (RPC) is about the same. CONCLUSION: There was no difference in the results of using SCA vs. SCB in our test. The company was able to reduce their paper costs by converting from SCA to SCB. WORD OF CAUTION: Ask your paper merchant or your printer for paper specs and samples before you make this switch.