Print Catalog Services

Stack of CatalogsThe printed catalog can and should be your most successful means for driving traffic and more importantly sales to the web.  Although the role of the catalog has undergone tremendous change in the past few years, successful companies recognize its importance in today’s multi-channel environment.  Whether you are new to catalog marketing, want to develop a new catalog program or have been mailing catalogs for many years, Lett Direct will help you achieve your goals.

Catalog marketing has become incredibly complex and challenging. You might be asking questions such as:

  • Who do we mail?
  • How often should we mail?
  • How many catalogs should we print?
  • How can we track our results accurately?

Our expert team, with their combined decades of experience, will guide you to the answers to you seek.  We will help you sort through the overwhelming sea of data in order to design and execute successful mail campaigns for your company.  Our goal is to simply to help you achieve yours.

Most of our clients choose to work with us on an on-going basis.  Typically, they choose to outsource their catalog circulation, order and revenue forecasting and implementation work to us.  We are extremely hands-on and an important extension to your marketing team.