Plan Execution

Lett Direct, Inc. will fully execute the plans we create. This includes ordering rented lists, database models and names, issuing written merge/purge specifications to service bureaus as well as making sure that the electronic mail files arrive at the printer prior to your deadline. We have the capability to coordinate any and all of your activities with external vendors. At your request we will also negotiate vendor pricing on your behalf. Additionally, all of our clients benefit from the Lett Direct, Inc. network of approved vendors.

We assume responsibility for ensuring your house file is segmented properly by collaborating with your service bureau. Typically we segment it by Recency-Frequency-Monetary Value (R-F-M) for mailing purposes. We coordinate all house file updates and provide you with reports, which highlight any changes in the file buyer counts.

Furthermore, Lett Direct, Inc. will bring our extensive testing experience to the table. You’ll benefit from the wealth of knowledge that we’ve gathered over the years. Testing is an essential tool that we often use to discover what you need to change to increase your sales. We don’t like to leave anything to chance. Our belief is that just about everything can and should be tested. This includes promotional offers, cover designs, minimum order requirements, etc. Knowing what to test, how to test and what to retest is important to the success of any marketing program. Structuring a test properly is essential for actionable results. Drawing from our vast testing experiences, we will we setup the proper A/B type splits and put our testing rules in place in order to deliver comprehensive results to you.