Affiliate Marketing

Think you might be interested in an Affiliate Marketing Program, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we can help you design and launch a successful program.  We work with all of the most popular Affiliate Networks and will set you up with a program that best suits your needs.

Today’s affiliate programs are not “set it & forget it”.  The key to a successful program is proper hands-on management.  Our dedicated affiliate manager has built close relationships with numerous publishers and communicates with many of them on a daily basis.  

We manage our programs to maximize incremental affiliate revenue.  Your program will never be over-saturated with coupon and loyalty sites.  Our focus is only on value-added affiliates that help you grow your business.  It’s also our responsibility to ensure that your affiliates adhere to the program’s guidelines.

Benefits of our affiliate program includes:

  • Expand brand awareness.
  • Target specific websites within your vertical.
  • Pay for sales, not space as with leaderboard advertising, nor clicks as with Pay-Per-Click.
  • Determine what commission structure will perform best for you and attract the right affiliates.
  • Access to different types of websites: Blogs / Content, Shopping, Comparison, Coupon & Incentive Sites.
  • No hassle accounting.  The affiliate network disburses payments to your affiliates.