Attribution Modeling & Analysis

analytics word cloud on blackboard

It’s no secret…attribution modeling and analysis is a highly complex science.  Furthermore, it’s dynamic.  As technologies and tracking methods evolve so too does attribution modeling.  It’s our job to stay on top of and have a deep understanding of attribution technologies and best practice methods.  Our goal is to help you understand what the data is telling you and assist in making strategic decisions.

Did you know that using Google Analytics’ default attribution settings will misrepresent the performance of your web channels?  Last click attribution modeling is one of the least desirable methods.

Finding the most appropriate attribution model for your business is imperative to your success.  Applied correctly, an attribution model will clearly tell you where to invest and just as importantly, where not to invest.  We will help you answer the questions you’re asking yourself such as, “Where should I spend my marketing dollars?”  or, “How should I spend my marketing budget?”

To be successful, each attribution methodology must be evaluated against your unique business model.  We will design, test and customize various models to find the one that will help grow your business.