What Our Clients Say About Us


For the past ten years, I have had the pleasure of working with the staff of Lett Direct. While remaining open minded to our needs and wants they have helped guide our company thru the many obstacles facing catalog companies today. Our company has exceeded its house file growth goals every year since we begin working with Lett Direct and their efforts have been a major contributing factor to that success. From circulation planning to printer selection their professional and honest input has been invaluable.

- Brian Hall

Natchez Shooters Supplies


Lett Direct has played a critical role in developing our marketing and circulation plan at R.T.C. Parts and Accessories. They have helped our company to manage our resources better and grow our customer base. They are people of high integrity that I would recommend without hesitation. Steve Lett and his team offer a variety of services and support for the catalog business, over the years they have become one our most valued partners.

- Trevor Berge, President

R.T.C. Parts and Accessories, Inc.


Your steady hand on the controls has brought us back from the brink and I am eternally grateful. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

- Paul DiGiovanni, President

Autom Company


Monastery Icons has worked with Lett Direct since 2002, and their contribution to the success of our business has been huge and indispensable. Their skills in list management are unique in our business’ 30-year experience, and the financial analysis and other consultation they have given Monastery Icons has contributed to major positive changes in our business — something especially helpful in the present economy. I recommend them unreservedly.

- Father Seraphim Weber

Monastery Icons


It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway, your part in Stumps can’t be measured in dollars. You are a key part of our team. I truly appreciate all that you do.

- Wendy Moyle, Executive Vice President

Stumps Party Supply


Steve Lett might as well be in an office next to mine. For almost 10 years, Steve has treated us like we are his only client. He has not only taught us how but has been the person behind our print buying, circulation planning, square inch analysis, budgeting, and forecasting for the Trophy Nut Catalog. His numbers are always on target and just when you’ve thought that you learned all you could from him, Steve will bring something else meaningful out of his bag.

- Robert Wilke, Vice President

Trophy Nut Company